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Tile spacer India stepped the tile accessories industry in 1999. We are manufacturer of tile spacers & tile leveler in Delhi and supply tile spacers & tile leveler across India and even export tile spacers & tile leveler to many countries.

We manufactured above product drawing inspiration from Italy. We first manufactured and supplied 4mm tile spacers to Indian markets. 4mm tile spacer was like a boon to Indian market and was liked by everybody . Due to the 4mm grout line in the tile, demand for tile cement grout and epoxy grout increased in Indian market and different industries came up. In these industries tile adhesives were manufactured even earlier and now cement grout and epoxy grout was also manufactured in many colours.

Thereafter, demand for various size pvc tile spacers 2mm tile spacers, 3mm tile spacers, 4mm tile spacers, 5mm tile spacers, 6mm tile spacers, 8mm tile spacer , 10mm tile spacers 1mm tile spacer & 1.5mm plastic spacers started coming & to fulfil these demands we manufactured tile spacer in different sizes and shapes and introduced architects, tile shops, tile masons and tile applicators with the natural white Accurate tile spacers and Accurate tile levelling system.

The founder of " TILE SPACER INDIA" Mr. Jai Bhagwan Bargujar now thought of need to register his firm "JP Enterprises" with the Government of India and in the consequent years he did so. Then he issued an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for his company. Henceforth, he successfully registered his brand "Accurate Tile Spacers" with trade mark registration. His goal was to provide Indian markets with new and accurate tile accessories. After this his goal was to get a 'Tile Levelling Master' to be written in front of " Accurate tile levelling system".He was dedicated a lot to his goals.He manufactured tile spacers in a variety of range and in many sizes and shapes:

  • "Plus" type spacers
  • "T" type spacers
  • "Y" type spacers
  • We made people aware of the use of tile spacers by blogs and in many meetings of tile industries.Thereafter,came into being the manufacture of tile levelling system i.e.wedges and levellers were introduced, which were successfully accepted by the Indian market.After that buckle type and screw type spacers were also manufactured. Tile trims and tile beadings (available in various sizes and colours )was another successful step taken by the founder .After the manufacture of all these products due to his dedication he issued the name "Accurate Tile Levelling Master"

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